5 Steps To Creating Clear Focus For Your Team

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Do you often dream of a more focused and enthusiastic team?

Author, Dan Miller provides some great suggestions on how you might help develop a clear focus in his book 48 Days To The Work You Love that could be applied to team environments.  In summary, he says that visualizing, defining, destination, future and success in all areas of life all play a key role in building confidence, boldness, and enthusiasm.

What does this look like in a real work environment?


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If you are going to begin a new process you want your team to visualize what their future role will be after this change? Help them to see the benefits.  Ask them what they see when envisioning the future. Each person is different and the benefits may vary based on individual preferences. Ask them to provide examples of why they don’t want to envision this change? What fears do they envision? Try to help them see through their fears and then visualize a solution.


Lists (1)

If all changes in this new process align what would success look like? Saving time? Will it create more efficient and less stressful working environments? Ask your team to make a list of what the successful outcomes would be if the new process was incorporated. Ask them to define what roadblocks or failures they see coming with this change and work it out to develop solutions prior to implementation.


Finish Line Destinations (1)

Where are you going with this new process? How can it help create priorities rather than reactive circumstances? Dan Miller says “If you know where you are going, you can respond to priorities rather than circumstances and create the future you want.”


Long Term Future

What is the long-term outlook on this new process? Help your team see that the new process may take some time to incorporate and fully appreciate the benefits. Understand that not all team members will accept this new process change right away. Give them time to adjust, understand, and warm up to the idea. Encourage those who see the long term outcome to build into the ones who may be hesitant.



Help your team see how this new process may create the opportunity for success in other areas of their life. Dan Miller mentions the importance of physical, family, spiritual, and social when it comes to helping people see success in all areas of life. How would this new process improve some of these areas for your team? Ask them what ways this new process can help them? Don’t forget to ask why they may think it could negatively impact these areas. Address all thoughts that may arise from this new process and help them to be successful.

In summary, you must visualize, define, know your destination, think about long-term future, and keep in mind that success must encompass all aspects of life. Building a team that has clear focus helps to create successful work and home environments.

How do you help create a clear focus for the teams you work on?

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