How Can Dory Help Employee Dynamics?

Don't Be Afraid to

I am so excited on June 17th Finding Dory is coming out. Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Disney® movies and now there will be one with Dory as the lead. This is going to be awesome!

Well maybe you are not as excited but when I think of Dory I think of me.  She is hyper. She loves to help others. She always seems a bit overwhelmed but doesn’t really think she is. She is scatterbrained. She tends to be a BIT loud. And most like me, she has a LITTLE bit of a memory issue.

Yet in all that busyness her motto is “Just Keep Swimming”. I have taken on this motto for years and it truly keeps me going.

Dory is such a perfect match for my personality that once while on a road trip…

Picture a bunch of ladies in a van making their way to a conference in Cincinnati. We don’t know each other except a few emails prior to coordinate a carpool plan. We all work in different departments and we range in diversity. This could end up being a great trip or this could be a terrible one.

Lucky for me it turned out to be fantastic.Spend enough time with people and you will find something in common and for us, it was the love for Disney® movies. We ended up chatting about our favorite and the question came up of what character we would each be based on our unique personalities.

Everyone picked theirs and then my turn came along and I said, Dory from Finding Nemo. They all busted out laughing. I went straight into explanation mode of how I forget everything from names of people to names of movies to what I came in a room for. I rambled on and on until I felt I had defended myself enough. Please see my previous post Be Vulnerable for why we as women really shouldn’t even worry about defending who we are, and for additional examples of my terrible memory.

We then decided each person was going to be called by their character name for the remainder of the trip, of course since I am like Dory I couldn’t name a single one easily then and definitely not now.  I do remember though at one point someone saying, please don’t tell other people we gave you that name, make sure they know you gave it to yourself. I guess being a BIT hyper and forgetful is not a great quality, or is it?

What did this humorous exercise do for our road trip? Well, first of all, it made it fun and helped us connect. There were lots of games of you know that girl/guy in that movie who did this. Then they would work together to figure out the movie with my less than helpful clues. We stepped into a van nervous about going on a road trip with people we didn’t know and stepped off singing Shut Up and Dance and calling each other character names like Dory.

Rather you work in a big company or a small one getting to know each other is important. Taking time out to discover unique perspectives and different viewpoints can really change employee dynamics. Once you take time out and be vulnerable with people on who you really are then you can take the next step in connecting with bigger things like cross-departmental miscommunications.

So what are a few suggestions to help create a culture where people can connect?

  1. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and show your true Dory.
  2. Make time for people to connect both within their teams and cross-departmentally.
  3. Create fun ways of breaking the ice to encourage open communication.
  4. Find unique activities for people to share their personality without fear of judgment.
  5. Last, but not least do all these things away from day to day to work to change the environment and perspective.

And my second favorite character quote, “Surfs up dude”.

One last interesting little thing that happened as I stepped away before completing my post, Finding Nemo just happened to be on TV. Yep Dory is my gal and I am okay with that.

What is your Disney® character?

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