How Do You Get Inspired To Exercise?

I'm not training for a 5K. I'm not prepring 1

Warning: This post may be promotional in nature but it is true in heart.

The moment finally happened; I hit the register button on a 5K race. What prompted this was a series of events, that if you don’t mind sticking with me for a quick story, I would love to tell you about.

A woman approached my booth at a work event but she didn’t begin with a typical conversation about the company I work at.  She began with where she was from, and then led into her concern with sex trafficking going on in Toledo. You could hear the hurt and sorrow in her voice. You could feel the pain she felt to know what happens in today’s world.

Let’s go back just a bit further. Previous to this interaction a co-worker and I had recently discussed this exact concern around our area. We had talked about how it seemed like more and more we were hearing about these tragedies.

We did not ask the women what she did for a living. We did not transition from one subject to the next and ended up there. We simply were talking about utility industry information when she approached us.

It struck me hard for some reason and the journey continued when I got back to my hotel and was scrolling through Facebook and came across this.


Wow, I couldn’t believe that Michigan ranked #2 in the nation. Maybe all this was coincidence but either way, I immediately clicked on the article and read what it was all about.

Now we are back at the beginning which leads me to how I decided to sign up for this race. I truly felt God was leading me to help this cause. Please note I am not a runner. Let me rephrase, I don’t run. Like I barely make it up the stairs or on long walks. But I know I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength so here goes.


So to the woman who I spoke with that day, thank you! I don’t recall your name but I do remember your organization Sisters in Shelter.

To the Facebook article that led me to Race2Freedom, thank you!

And, to the one and only true director of my life, Jesus Christ, thank you for not only leading me to this cause but giving me the inspiration to get out there and commit to a challenge I will not be able to do without you.

Let’s all join in and raise awareness to stop sex trafficking. I challenge you each to find a cause and show your support.

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