What Songs Inspire, Motivate And Pump You Up?


I am going to admit when I first thought to start writing about how music can be used for motivation I went on a search for songs. You see I am that person who loves to dance when the first beat rings into my ears, but I am also the person who has no clue when you ask what her favorite song is. I believe they say that is recall memory which I am pretty sure is missing from my brain.

So if you were to take a guess at what happens when searching for songs that fit into certain themes, what would you say happened? Well, nearly 2 hours later and many dancing steps and singing outbursts I have narrowed it down.

The initial reason for my search of music freedom was, of course, the 4th of July. BBQ’s and up north excursions. Music and fun. Who wouldn’t want to find easier methods for staying motivated and inspired in everything they do after some time off?

This past week I wanted total relaxation for the 4th of July with no plans and no commitments. So I let go. I let the decisions come to me. I let others decide. I didn’t let anyone or anything ruin my happy place I was in. Don’t worry I won’t start singing Let It Go even though that is exactly what my husband sang when he knew it was time for me to just be.

If you want a great visual just picture a “stereotypical” construction worker stopping and singing this song just like Elsa does and you will die of laughter.

With all that rambling hopefully you are still with me, or maybe you are lost on the link above singing the song every parent is so very sick of. Either way, this is the part where I yell out, I AM ABOUT TO TELL THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS POST, LISTEN UP NOW!

For me, music is what I turn to when I need a mood changer. Rather it is for motivation, exercise, focus or just to stir memories, I tie moments in my life to songs. There are songs that make others burst out in unison. There are songs that help you RECALL a feeling or a memory, yep there it is the key to helping me remember. Then there are songs that are personal. They mean something to you but maybe nothing to someone else. There are many other reasons to tie music to feelings and emotions.

I encourage you all to take a journey. Take the below 10 scenarios and find your song. Write it down or type it up. Save the link for later. Go here when you need to for what you need. I also would love for you to share some of your songs here on my blog. Maybe your song will inspire or motivate or move someone else.

  1. Get Motivated: Getting ready to clean the house? Start with sweeping and signing into the broom. Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake
  2. Get Inspired: Working on that book or spending some time reading your bible.  Song for Sienna by Brian Crain
  3. Get Away: Take yourself away to Jamaica. Cheerleader by OMI
  4. Get Side Tracked: Ever notice even if you are listening to music with no singing and you recognize what it is you will go to no end to remember what song it is? Give yourself the freedom to enjoy the moment.Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis) by Amicus Strings
  5. Get Everyone Singing: Drop everything and just sing it out. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey
  6. Get Emotional: Need to cry well put on your sad song and let it out.The Dance by Garth Brooks
  7. Get Relaxed: Need to slow dance around the room or just sit on the porch in the sunshine. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  8. Get Into The Memories: Find a song that means something to you.  Old Man by Neil Young
  9. Get Pumped: Maybe throw a song on before a big motivational presentation. Yep I went there withFirework by Katy Perry
  10. Get Inspired and Pumped Up At The Same Time.That’s How You Change The World by Newsboys

And just because I couldn’t leave you hanging, here is my awesome husband and me at the Big Ticket Festival this past June. Take time and get out there and enjoy some music of your own.


What songs motivate you? Share a few here for others to check out.

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