How Can Dory Help Employee Dynamics?

Don't Be Afraid to

I am so excited on June 17th Finding Dory is coming out. Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Disney® movies and now there will be one with Dory as the lead. This is going to be awesome!

Well maybe you are not as excited but when I think of Dory I think of me.  She is hyper. She loves to help others. She always seems a bit overwhelmed but doesn’t really think she is. She is scatterbrained. She tends to be a BIT loud. And most like me, she has a LITTLE bit of a memory issue.

Yet in all that busyness her motto is “Just Keep Swimming”. I have taken on this motto for years and it truly keeps me going.

Dory is such a perfect match for my personality that once while on a road trip…

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A 3 Foot Perspective On Building People Up.


The rain had managed to sneak its way into the sand box just enough to make it perfect for building castles. I sat there working so hard to build up tall hills of sand with my daughter only to have her laugh at me when she stomped on them like King Kong. If I have to admit it, I became frustrated over time internally. Why couldn’t she just let us finish?

Then I stopped and thought there is a great lesson here. You put all of your effort into something time and time again, only to have others tear it down. This time I will wipe my hands off in time to take her smiling face in front of the beautiful sand hills we have made together. Determination!

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