What are some defining moments in your life that changed everything?


Lost in thought after church service  while scrolling through my Twitter feed I stumbled upon a great quote that fit perfectly with the new series my Pastor had just kicked off called Defining Moments

“Divine moments happen in the midst of simple questions.”—Megan Fate Marshman

Moments have power. Moments both create change and challenge direction. Rather big or small they often fall to a blind eye in the “moment” but looking back we see it is all part of a bigger shift.

The question in my mind was what are some of my defining moments?


This year I had the privilege of attending training at Willow Creek church in Barrington, IL for how to lead a team for an upcoming simulcast of the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) being held at our church. While I was there I attended the Wednesday night service where Megan Fate Marshman was a guest speaker.

Her speech had a profound impact on me but now as I reflect upon it, even more, the answer to my defining moment question was clear.

In case you are OCD like me, you can take a listen here. Around minute 25 is my favorite part where she tells a story of an activity she had teenage girls do to help teach them they don’t have to listen to anyone else but God.

Everything changed those days while at training. The tears during a spiritual enlightenment reading of Colossians 3:12, the Willow Creek worship arts team singing Here’s My Heart by David Crowder, the lesson that Megan taught me in her words, the passion that grew in me after the training and now the drive I have to continue on that path.

“Divine moments happen in the midst of simple questions.”—Megan Fate Marshman

It doesn’t matter if people think you have changed too much. It doesn’t matter if they don’t think you are good enough. It is not their “moment” it is yours. It doesn’t matter if they don’t understand, it only matters that you listen to the ONE who asking you to listen.

Are you listening to the one that matters? Do you reflect upon your defining moments? 

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